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Snowmobile Photo Tour "Lands of the Voguls"

Location: Northern Ural. Main Ural ridge.

Travel Type: Winter photo tour. Transportation on snowmobiles as a driver and (or) the passenger 2 people. The photoshoots are on skii. (In order to drive snowmobile you are required to have a snowmobile license).

Difficulty: Not difficult. Easy transfers. The participants are required to ski and carry personal equipment and a minimum of necessary personal items during photo sessions .

Dates: December - January

Duration: 5 days

Number of participants: 3-4 people.

Tour description: Ural - mysterious land of thick mists, taiga forest and beautiful legends. Most of of the Urals is still unexplored while Northern Urals - is one big secret and is one of the most secretive and unexplored corners of the earth.

Main Ural ridge, in common just GUH - mountain chain, stretching about 50 kilometers from north to south. The width of the ridge varies from 2 to 10 kilometers. The highest point - Mount Humboldt (1410.7 meters above sea level). The boundary of the forest is at an altitude of 800-900 meters above sea level. At the southernmost tip of the ridge is the mountain Kazan Stone (1200 m.), And Sosva Stone (954 m.), on the slopes of which originate Vagran River and Little Lampe. The most top of the ridge is the border of Europe and Asia. Here will be a goalof our Photo-journey the majestic landscapes of the Northern Urals, with its ancient glaciers and snow-capped mountain firs. Here we will spend 2 days, after that we will transfer over nearly 40 kilometers to the west, on a unique and a very picturesque place - Ridge Kvarkush.

Ridge Kvarkush represents a large mountain plateau, with small hills. The main peak of the ridge - Vogulsky Stone (1066 m.). The range stretches from South to North for 60 km and width of the central part is about 15 kilometers. "Kvarkush" is translated from the Permian Komi language as " naked Ural ". It get its' name from the fact that the forest is not growing there. In summer there are blooming alpine meadows, in the winter it is a real polar tundra. Amazingly beautiful snowy forest at the foot of the ridge has not left any photographer indifferent to its beauty . Overnight in a camp tent or a hut of the Eskimo igloo certainly adds color and excitement to this exciting journey.


Day 1 - Departure from Krasnoturyinsk (Karpinsk) to the camp "Liampa". (Passenger car 4x4, snowmobile). It takes from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the state of the road and the number of participants. We explore and make our way towards the Main Ural. The evening photoshoot at the mountain pass along the forest border. Overnight at the camp "Liampa".

Day 2 - Transportation on snowmobils to the upper reaches of the river Lampe. Photography at the Kazan Stone Mountains. Lunch at Vogulsky Hut. Evening photoshoot. Overnight at camp "Liampa".

Day 3 - Morning photoshoot in the vicinity of Sosva Stone Mount. Moving to the ridge Kvarkush. Evening photography. Overnight in a tent "Chuma" or a heated tent.

Day 4 - Day of photography on Kvarkush. Return to base "Liampa".

Day 5 - Return to Krasnoturyinsk. Approximately at 16:00.


Cost of participation: With rent of snowmobile 50 000 rub, passenger 35 000 rub.

The price includes: All transfers from Krasnoturinsk to Ural Ridge and back. Meals : breakfast, lunch (or afternoon snack), dinner . Fees for camp "Liampe" or "Star", group equipment rental, guide and services of the photographer.

Not included: Transfer from Yekaterinburg and back, food in the city, lifts, carry services, rent of personal equipment (except skis), alcohol and souvenirs, insurance for the trip. Fees for those activities can be negotiated at additional cost.

List of the necessary equipment:

1. Windproof Jacket and Pants.

2. Warm winter jacket.

3. Spare warm socks and mittens (gloves)

4. Hiking boots with waterproof shoe covers

5. Warm hat

6. Head lamp with extra batteries.

7. Personal crockery (bowl, cup, spoon, knife)

8. Individual First Aid Kit

9. Personal hygiene items

Nice to have:

1. Backpack of 80-100 liters.

2. The mat or inflatable mattress

3. Sleeping bag

4. Ski or hiking Ski Tours

For any questions:

Sergei Makurin


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.