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Photo Tour to the Valley of the Fairy Tales. Winter 2017 - 2018

Location: Northern Ural. Main Ural Ridge .

Type of travel: Ski Photo tour

Dates: November - January

Duration: 5 days

Difficulty: Moderately difficult.


Tour description.


Day 1 - Transfer from Krasnoturinsk to the camp "Ljampa" (or "Star"). It takes 3 to 5 hours depending on the road condition (4x4 Passenger car). Lunch at the base. After lunch we customize ski equipment. Training trip to the pass, where we learn or practice to ski, climb right, down, and fall :). Dinner. Evening gatherings. Overnight at the "taiga" home.

Day 2 - Early rise. Getting ready. We ski to the area of ​​Mount Kazan stone, source of the Small Lampe river . Rest at Vogulsky hut. Dinner. Photoshooting in the vicinity of the Small Lampa river , Sosva Stone mountain. Dinner, evening photoshoot and overnight stay at the heated tent.

Day 3 - Morning photoshoot. The ascent to the observation point - Mount Sosva Stone. Dinner. Rest in Vogulsky hut or tent. Building a snowhut "igloo" (Optional). Evening, and Night photoshoot. Overnight in a heated tent or igloo.

Day 4 - Morning photoshooting on the previous locations. Dinner. Recreation. Returning to the base camp "Lampe" (or "Star"). Sauna. Dinner.

Day 5 - Getting ready and return to the city of Krasnoturinsk.

Hike is an active experience - Skiing with a backpack, climbing the peaks and passes of the Main Ural ridge, lodging on the field, severe winter conditions. Requires at least a minimum experience with skiing trips and the ability to ski.

Cost of participation:

19,000 rubles.

The price includes: Transfer from town of Krasnoturinsk to Ural Main Ridge and back. Meals while on the tour - breakfast, lunch (or afternoon snack), diner, fees for the "Lampe" or "Star" camp , group equipment rental,services of the guide and the photographer.

Not included: Transfer from Yekaterinburg and back, food in the city, taxi and rental of snowmobiles, ski lifts, porterage, rent of personal equipment (except skis), alcohol and souvenirs, trip insurance . Additional fees may apply for these services . Fees can be negotiated upfront.

You must have:

1.Windproof clothes.

2.Warm winter jacket.

3.Extra pairs of warm socks and mittens (gloves)

4.Treking shoes with waterproof snow covers .

5.Warm hat

6.Headlamp with extra batteries.

7.Personal dishware and utensils (cup, mug, spoon, knife)

8.Personal Medical Supplies

9.Items of Personal Hygiene

Nice to have:

1.Backpack 80-100 liters.

2.Yogamat or inflatable camp pad

3.Sleeping bag

4.Ski or Ski Tours


Sergey Makurin

Tel: +79045435916

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