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Photo Tour - rafting Talto - Ivdel

Kind of travel: Photo tour. Water trip

Location: Northern Ural. Sverdlovsk region. Ivdelsky area. Rivers: Talto, Ivdel

Dates: 09-12.06.2017 g (For groups of 6 people we can organize rafting in any convenient date)

Route Difficulty: Easy. It will be interesting for experienced and inexperienced participants. Great for family and corporate gatherings.

Duration: 4 days.

The route starts from the bridge on the river Talto (Mansiysk - winter river) - a small mountain river - the right tributary of the river Ivdel. Its total length is about 65 kilometers. Streams from the slopes of the Hoza-Tumpen ridge (Hosa-Mansiysk Tumpen - long mountain) rush to the east and flow into the river Ivdel (Irtysh basin). Its length is only 65 kilometers. Throughout the whole route of the river there are no settlements, so the river has retained its original appearance and clean waters. There are outcrops of shale and Devonian limestone along the banks of the river with lot's of marine fossils - shells of ancient mollusks, crinoids and corals. More recently, a whole system of karst caves was discovered here. It has not been studied and is waiting to be explored here. From the bridge to the mouth of the river Talto, where the river Talto empties into the river basin of Ivdel, there are only about 30 kilometers of the water rafting.

Ivdel River (Mansi - "Forest River") is considered one of the cleanest and certainly the most beautiful rivers of the Northern Urals. Ivdel - mountainous taiga river with lots of shoals and rapids and plёsov. It is formed by the merger of the Big and Small Ivdel that flows down from the eastern slopes of the Ural Mountains. The length of the river is more than 120 kilometers. It is a right tributary of the river Lozvy. The banks, especially in the middle and lower reaches of the river are decorated with picturesque Devonian limestone rocks , that sometimes reaches a height of 100 meters or more. In the rocks there are many caves and grottoes. Many are not known. The most famous - and Shaitansky Mamontov. It is here, among the rocks, the ancient man grounds were found. The flora and fauna of Ivdelsky edge is very rich and unique . On steep rocky banks can be seen whole fields of blooming wild orchids at this time. Noble grayling, trout and white salmon can be found in abundance here in the cleanest waters.

Rafting Talto - Ivdel undoubtedly will be interesting both for photographers and those who simply want to fully enjoy the pristine beauty of the Northern Ural. The route is great for family and corporate gatherings.


1st day. - Transfer Krasnoturyinsk - to tiver Talto. Preparing craft. Rafting on the river Talto.

2nd - 3rd day - Rafting Talto - Ivdel.

4th day. Rafting Ivdel to the city of Ivdel. Preparing boats. Shuttle to Krasnoturyinsk.


Cost for one person: 12000 rbl.

For groups (from 3 people) and those who have traveled with us we can offer substantial discounts.


The price includes: Home stay in Krasnoturinsk, meals on the trip, transfer to the river Talto and back, rent of the boats and group equipment, maintenance and service guides, photography guiodance.

The price does not include: Transportation to Krasnoturyinsk, health insurance, food in the city and roadside cafes, souvenirs, taxi and alcohol.

All participants are strongly recommended to have travel health insurance and have a vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis.


List of the necessary equipment.

You must have:

1. Windproof suit.

2. Warm jacket.

3. Spare warm socks and gloves

4. Rubber boots

5. Warm hat

6. Head lamp with extra batteries.

7. Personal utensils (bowl, cup, spoon, knife)

8. Individual aid kit

9. Personal hygiene items

10. Raincoat

11. Sunglasses

12. Repellents against mosquitoes

13. The second shoes (sneakers)

Nice to have:

1. Camera

2. Backpack or duffel bag

3. Durable waterproof bag

4. Sleeping bag

5. Thermos