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Photo Tour: "To the grizzled remnants of the Urals."

Location: Northern Urals. Perm region. Mountain Kolchimsky (Pomyanenny stone).

Travel Type: Winter photo tour. The ski route.

Dates: 16-21.01.2018

Difficulty: Moderately difficult. Requires a minimum experience in ski hikes.

Duration: 6 days.

Like a ruined medieval castle wall towering buttes in the western spurs of the Main Ural ridge - a mountain Kolchimsky stone. The height of the mountain reaches 780 meters and is considered one of the most beautiful peaks of the Ural Mountains. According to legend, in ancient times, this land was inhabited by nomadic hunters Mansi and that they came here to worship their gods, including the god Pamyanu. Place considered sacred. Hence, the second name of the mountain - "Pamyanenny stone."

Program: Day 1 - gathering in Yekaterinburg. Moving to Krasnovishersk. Accommodation in the guest house at the recreation center "Vetlan". Day 2 - Moving to the area of Mountain Kolchimsky stone. Ski part of the route to the border of the forest below the summit. Installation of the base camp. Evening photography. Overnight in a heated tent. 3-4 day - Shooting in the vicinity of Mount Kolchimsky stone. 5 day. - Morning shot. Gathering camp. Return to Krasnovishersk. Overnight in a guest house on the basis of "Vetlan". Day 6. - Return to Ekaterinburg.

WARNING: Hike includes an active part of the route - the movement to ski with a backpack, transportation of personal and group equipment, spending the night in the field, winter conditions, duty. Requires a minimum experience in ski trips and the ability to ski.


Cost of participation: 25,000 rubles (~ $415).

The price includes: Transfer from Ekaterinburg to the village of Tulum (reg mountains Kolchimsky stone) and back. Meals in the campaign - for breakfast, lunch (snack), dinner, accommodation in a recreation center (the hotel), rental of group equipment, maintenance.

Not included: Meals in the city and a roadside cafe on the way to and from Krasnovishersk, taxis and rental of snowmobiles, porterage, rent of personal equipment (except skis), alcohol and souvenirs, insurance for the trip. Provision of these services is negotiated and paid additionally.


List of the necessary equipment.

You must have: 1. windproof suit. 2. Warm winter jacket. 3. Spare warm socks and mittens (gloves) 4. hiking boot with shoe covers (flashlight) 5. Warm cap 6. windproof mask or balaclava 7. Head lamp with extra batteries. 8. Personal crockery (bowl, cup, spoon, knife) 9. Individual First Aid Kit 10. Personal hygiene items

Nice to have: 1. Backpack volume of 80-100 liters. 2. The mat or inflatable penopouleritanovy 3. Sleeping bag 4. Ski or hiking Ski Tours

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